Art Beyond Borders


Georgia Department of Corrections

Art Beyond Borders is a group of emerging artists who get to know one another and arrange for exhibitions together. What makes this group unusual is that artists from all over the world join! This is an international artist's cooperative of many talented artists of diverse origins.

Herarts is an online archived Contemporary Women Artist's gallery of sculptor's, installation artists, painters, photographers, and more. This is a group I'm proud to be associated with. .

I find ebay a resource that is essential for all artists! I have bought oil and acrylic paint as well as many art books and magazines but also violins for an assemblage and many, many odd and unique materials for future projects. I think there is absolutely nothing I can't find at ebay! (if I don't use it, I sell it back to ebay buyers such as myself.)

This is an intriguing site I found from an artist who specializes in the human face, a portraitist. I find this site unusual because I try and choose the crime and see if the visual matches my preconceived ideal. What crime is the above inmate guilty of? Are the inmates of this site (Georgia Department of Corrections) violating the human rights of the inmates by providing their portraits as entertainment to many? I don't know. The man above was convicted of child molestation.


 Want to find out the exact day of your death? Sick? Maybe, but fun too! An additional feature is looking at famous dead and finding out how long they would be expected to live (clue: Elvis would still be going strong...) Unusual site.

 This is another site that will tell you your anticipated - age. Think you are 40 years old? Take this test and you'll find out your "RealAge". I found that I was 2 years younger than I actually am and unlike, this site will let you know how to increase the odds in your favor. (I have to visit relatives more often, go to church and get a dog!)

 If you are a smoker, you need to quit. It's that simple. I did it and no one was a bigger nicotine addict than me. This site helped me through the early stages when I needed to rant, rave and cry - kissing the horrible addiction goodbye. It is said that smoking is harder to kick than Heroin. Maybe it's true... Good place to find people who are also quiting, have quit and  will give support.