In my large oil paintings, I frequently integrate 3-D elements such as zippers, glitter, and other found objects. These elements are metaphoric icons for gender in the paintings. While a zipper is non-gender specific in life, in my paintings it is always seen as a threatening instrument of encroachment and definitely a male symbol. Glitter is often incorporated into the works to exhibit femininity.

The genre of the works could be considered in a way, "Psychic landscapes." I consider the term "Reconstructionist landscapes" more applicable, as I am reconstructing that environment. I am concerned with nature in the way that man-made elements are encroaching upon the organic and ultimately mutating into a by-product of this merger. However, my works aren't intended to be a "portrait" of nature as in the traditional sense of landscape, but are narrative paradigms which convey my own observations on an event, person, or story. It is with this purpose in mind that I sometimes seek my subject matter from literary sources such as fairy tales, writings or lives of writers who have influenced my life/art, or simply words, which may be taken in different contexts. The eventual translation of these stimuli is commentary of the manipulation of meaning, (demonstrated by the manipulation of nature). With paint, I reassemble the environment resulting in a paradox of the expected landscape, interpreted in a deeply personal manner by the viewer. Peripherally to the message itself is the importance of paint surface. Each area of the work contains abstracted elements that contribute to the entire narration of the painting.